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Discord Community

For most nft projects, Discord plays an important role. Discord is the social media software application that provides community membership for digital projects, such as games, 3d printing, and web development. The Cardano nft project creates a discord project where members can check announcements, post messages and questions, track engagement points, and do many other […]

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Nft Staking

Cardano nfts can be staked in some projects, where the holder receives emissions on a periodic schedule. Sometimes the emissions require a staking length of stay, others have cool down periods for leaving. Staking is a basic utility of Cardano nft projects.

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CryptoTrack is a new Cardano asset chart tool that shows Cardano tokens, nfts, and other assets in the form of price charts. CryptoTrack also provides drill down tools like trade history and wallet rankings for certain assets. There is a ton of information about the Cardano assets you want to research.